Brook Green Veterinary Practice

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Telefon: +44 207 603 5150

Mobil: +44 207 603 5150

Adresa: 75 Masbro Road, Brook Green, London W14 0LR

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Pondělí   08:30–18:30        
Úterý   08:30–19:30        
Středa   08:30–18:30        
Čtvrtek   08:30–18:30        
Pátek   08:30–18:30        
Sobota   09:00–12:00        


We are veterinary practise specialized on cats, dogs, small mammals, birds, poultry and exotic/wild animals.At Brook Green Vets our animal care facilities include the latest equipment available to ensure your pet receives the treatment they deserve. We also have our own surgical animal hospital service. We offer in-house ultra sound and laboratory testing, giving fast and efficient results and allowing us to diagnose and offer immediate treatment for pets. As part of the Petcare group, Brook Green Vets also has facilities to screen for ringworm, feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Your pet needs somewhere to stay when visiting Brook Green Vets and we are pleased to offer modern hospital and kennel facilities for their comfort and convalescence. We also offer boarding facilities for cats and small pets. Call Brook Green Vets to ask about this service.